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  still nothing 
Tuesday, May 06, 2003
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  My blog is almos dead. Moved most of the content to nowhere ;-)

Happy reading. 
Thursday, October 03, 2002
Thursday, September 26, 2002
  Buster.... there. I am too busy to update. **** 
Monday, September 09, 2002
  Alright .... first official day of school is over. Update, I went to Japanese this morning and went through the first day motions and then I decided it was not for me. Dropped it, but I only have one word .... Fujii Son ... WOW! Anyways this afternoon's class was awesome, Catholic Traditions rocked and to make it even better Longo and Rob are in the class too. I am one of the 10 non-Catholics out of 32 and one of only two non-white kids in the class. Sweet.  
Sunday, September 08, 2002
  Second day... well first full day back at middlebury and I am still unpacking all of my stuff into my dorm room. its pretty much the same as last year so no big deals. went to the lake to swin and sun bathe today ... that was nice. gotta finish up unpacking today and tomorrow so ttyl.

Saturday, June 15, 2002
  Whew... first 3 days of work went well. I only have to drive 1:30 hours to Moraga everyday then work from 8 am to 6-8 pm everyday, except for Friday. But the job is really good and I am learning so much about law, small business and tons of other things. Anyways just thought I would up date my blog for once. So many thoughts running through my mind, but I will write it down later.

Thursday, May 16, 2002
  Hm... one final down, 2 to go. Not too bad, but I am sad cause I am going to be leaving school soon and that kinda sucks cause my friends here are so cool. Oh well.

- Jews are begining to support Conservatives in the US because both groups view the survival of Isreal as a key issue. This common ground esp between even the most liberal Jews and the most conservative Christians goes back to way before the UN creation of the Israeli state in 1947 ... it goes back to the Bible. Look it up, Israel was given to the Jews are God's chosen people.... and although this might not hold true today Jews deserve a state there ... Israel is there by God given right. Look for a new power within the US, Christian conservatives and Liberal Jews will be a important block in the next elections.

More studying ttyl. 
Tuesday, May 07, 2002
  Its so hard to do the right thing sometimes. The path is long and lonely and filled with many obsticles. There are companions along the way ... some travel for only short distances while others are on the same journey. How do we know who to follow and who to trust? This is a question I have been thinking about for a while now... my heart is often heavy with worry for my friends and loved ones. I know that God will take care of everything as he lights the path, guides our feet and carry us when we cannot walk any further. I am reminded about the story that says that there were two sets of footprints in the sand... one was mine and one was God's and they traveled together and thus I knew that God was there. Then along some points in the path one set of footprints disappeared and I realized that those were during the most difficult portions of my journey. I was upset and thought to myself, "why did God leave me when I needed him the most?" But the voice of the Lord God spoke to me and said that he had no left me. There was only one set of footprints there and those were God's; he carried me through the hard times and yet I had questioned where he was.

So again I think that God is carrying me through hard times. Finals are almost upon us and the school year is coming to a close. The weather is wonderful and studying / concentrating is difficult. I know he will give me the patience and concentration needed to get through this time. I trust that he is always be me and speaks to me... I pray that he will forgive me of my sins, soften my heart and allow me to continue to walk in his ways. I also pray for forgiveness for my friends, those who know him and also those who do not. That God will reveal himself to them and that I can be a witness along their journies. Psalm 19 speaks true... read it and know that thy Lord God is here among us.

More to come... 
Sunday, April 28, 2002
  hm why does yesterdays post not come up? 
Saturday, April 27, 2002
  Well as I sit here in Bihall watching another beautiful Vermont Sunset I cannot help but feel real sadness and anger. This morning I read the news that Palestinan gunman broke into a Jewish settlement dressed as Isreali soliders and went house to house killing residents as they spent the Sabbath with their children. The Palestinans KILLED A 5 YEAR OLD GIRL, in her own bedroom... WTF! My God, what the hell are they doing over there... fighting for "liberation"? I think not. They are bastards who enjoy killing and mass suicide to further their cause of eliminating the Jewish people as a race. It is explicitly stated in their own words that Israel has no right to exist. At this point I feel that ANY Palestinan who supports their war of liberation should be shot on the spot if they are found to have weapons or any other violent materials. I mean really ... tell me the last time you saw a bunch of Jews celebrating the death of one of their own, or when they threw mass street parties to celebrate their army killing a bunch of Palenstinans.... name ONE just ONE! I am going to order an Israeli flag and fly it in my window to counter all of those POS Free Palenstine posters and stickers floating around campus.

The US should bring the war of terrorism to those who are excellent examples of the worst kind of terrorists. We need to FREE ISRAEL!
Sunday, April 14, 2002
  Ok update on the papers. Econ paper is done = 7 pages. The story of Enron is now set in stone (well quality 7 paper at least). And I am about 10 pages into my History senior seminar paper. As I type this in Bihall I am about to start the outline / reading for my Modern China History paper. So all told I am about 17 pages done now and 38 left? 15 days left too.... not too bad. I can get the Modern China paper done within the week which will leave me about another week and 1/2 to finish up my Japanese papar. But I have 2 midterms and 2 short papers in between. Wish me luck. 
Monday, April 08, 2002
  1 month = 55 pages of writing. done with 7 today so lets see that leaves just oh ... 48 more! haha I will never finish it all, or will i ;-) ? heard from various sources that people have been commenting on my use of un politically correct language on my blog. dont really care cause they all know me. heard from my family that we will be vacationing this summer in eastern europe... oh what a joy. its going to be like travelling in the most depressing place for a whole 2 weeks to a month cause you all know how me tyler and i love those romanians.

well the nice thing is that this prevents me from getting a job (a real one) so most likely i can just sit around and take summer school or get some kind of low work intership. no money but at least i will do something cool i hope... law offices need free labour right? hehe anyways was thinking about applying for a mall job so i can study people all day long. i honestly would love to find out why people work there and like it.... or why they dont like it etc. Malls are wonderful, capitalism at its best (even better in china where the government used to only allow foreigners into malls, hotels etc cause it helped keep all the rift raft out or so they said).

well its getting late so sleep now. blogs of mine make no more sense do they? t-shirts with "Me No Japan" on them for sale soon $10 =p

No Tv and No beer make homer something something..... go crazy? DONT MIND IF I DO! hahaha

good nite.... keep our nation and our brothers and sisters in your prayers.  
Thursday, April 04, 2002
  Well room draw sucked today. The housing coordinator is a complete moron. Mirah (housing person) is the stupidest person in the whole universe. She made the worst plans then decides to slowly call commons then commons numbers 1 or 2 at a time, even when all the senior blocks were gone. So 5-8:30 was block draw which was suppose to end at 7 and the whole thing finally ended at 10pm. WTF! Got nothing I really wanted, but oh well sink mate Forest is not that bad I guess. I say Mirah should be shipped off to Africa to live in civil war ravged nations where she would do nothing wrong.

rant over 
Saturday, March 30, 2002

Elizabeth. the Queen Mother 1900-2002. You will be missed.  
Tuesday, March 26, 2002
  watched a french movie today with renee, think it was called amilie. not bad not bad at all.... i suggest you watch it if you like foreign independent films etc. went to kato-san sushi for dinner with my mom and my aunt and renee. too bad the service sucked because it was run by koreans who did not care about service at all. oh well they still have a lot to learn if they want to get return customers. the food was not too bad, but cannot compare with sushiya or sushi tei...

no plans for tomorrow, was going to go to san fran, but most likely not cause i am going to watch a badmington game (spelling?) and nothing other than that.

good night 
Monday, March 25, 2002
  Let see what is happening today .... NOTHING, absolutely nothing. Another long and boring day. I did get to go shopping with my mom yesterday. It was nothing great, but kinda fun to catch up with how the family is doing in China and all. Went around Valley Fair (huge Westfeild Mall in San Jose) and man there were lots of people there; stupid low class darkies. Also lots of HS kids running around and seems that everyone is a bit more dressed up, but I must ask why? To impress themselves I guess, only in Cali will you see 12-16 year olds running around in $1000 clothes and BMW's etc.

News... went to Fry's tonight, but dang it they were closed. That sucked was going to get myself a nice little Palm to try out for a bit (30 day return policy ;-) ) Its all good you know. On other technology news I just finished reformatting my pastor's computer with a Chinese verison of Windows XP. Hard to do but oh well... and haha the church techies were trying to push him to use NTFS etc because is better ;-) I was like sure it is... but not for him. At least now everything is working on that laptop, I also got him the good deal on the laptop. The compaq is pretty good, 1ghz AMD 4 with 256 ram, dvd rom / cdrw combo etc.

enough with that.

Friday, March 22, 2002
  It has been a few days since I last posted. Man last few days before Spring Break were pretty crazy. I am back at home in California now. Boy its nice to be home, not so much cause I like the area but because some of my family is here so its pretty fun. The weather is nice too not as pretty as the morning I left midd (perfect snow on trees, mist, winter wonderland), but not bad.

If you need me call 408-252-8863 ... or e-mail me at the normal places. I will be in touch all the time and will update my blog once in a while.  
Saturday, March 16, 2002
  Clouds deceived
my weary eye as eagles soar
heavens' god is not home
ruler measured by and by yet
bleu my spirit and pumpkin pie
Henceforth I vowed nevermore
Shall I ask ...

"and in the day of man; fire, hail, wind and death shall reign.
with no justice the weak will fail, the strong will suffer and heroes falter.
thus how can i ask of you to do my will. Cherubim placed, Eden forgotten ...
for there is life unfound, mercy
unknown. i ask you to follow &
yet i stray. sheep to a sheppard
i have lost. Keys to a palace
jingle in my back pocket yet
do not fit in the lock."

'This so
for i am
Yet found again I cry,
Lifted up in they i - for asking you have received
a place there without me.

dang the original formatted is too hard to preserve. oh well... have fun guys ;-)
  On this day of our Lord, March 15th 2002 I have the great honour of presenting you, my close friends, with this correspondence.

Our world is on the verge of change, peace reigns throughout most of the civilised world and yet ripples appear. The sea is no longer silent, the sky is slowly graying. I smell something like burning forests, ashes rising, no rain in sight. Violence rages in the savage lands. There and only there can the edge of the world come into sight. Do you dare to look over? Can you see what man fears? Can you see without eyes, hear without ears? It is already here; time slips away while we indulge in our ordinary lives. Here we are, on the edge of change ... a world at peace, a world at war, where did we come from? where do we go? - questions without answers, people without leaders... that is what the world is, but not what it will be. Let us tour the world now... to the edge, do you dare go?

Leaving the vicinity of our isolated mountains valleys look out onto the plains. I see a world reborn every year. Old life brings unto itself new beginnings. New beginnings remake the world ... but do not let your eyes fool you. This is not reality, it is perfection, man's Eden found, God's creation retold through tools created by man's hand. In Genesis man was driven from Eden, cursed to till upon the earth without reward. Far removed from God man's religion cannot be true. Cannot be true, cannot be true, cannot be true. Or can it? It seems so right, so perfect. We can reshape creation, mold people into our own images... who needs God when man can create life. - Shift. G-D is above, he is high and hidden because we cannot see and thus we fear. - Shift. Untrue. Told and sold like truth, but utterly untrue.

Why can't the world be how it was. I never lived there, but let me return. Womb. Return. Cold - warm - Hot.  
Thursday, March 14, 2002
  Nevermind. My counter now works. Yah! now I can also tell kinda who is looking. So far not too many people look at what I do but oh well.

Tuesday, March 12, 2002
  Dang it. I have no idea how to add a counter to my blog. If you have any ideas please let me know. I want to see how many people actually care about me life.

Sunday, March 10, 2002
  Man why do I stay up so late?!?!?!? Interesting day I had... let me tell you all about it. Woke up around 8:30 to do LSAT practice in Starr this morning so that sucked. Then Andy calls and tells me he can take me to get my car back from service (Audrey lives!) While up in Burlington we went to the mall and just looked around (it was a nice day so there were some "hot" girls there according to Andy). Then stopped by PriceChopper to get boxed Sushi. It was ok for the price. Got back to Midd and did a bit of work ... well no I really justed played Empire Earth for a bit. Went to dinner with Tyler and Co. Then off to take a nap. After nap was BiHall time, ended up getting some work done then watched the Azns play FFX for a bit then some people showed up and we ended up watching a cute korean movie until 3am.

So overall... a A- day, it was beautiful out ;-) Middlebury has the most good looking people you will ever see! hehe j/k 
Saturday, March 09, 2002
  - For someone special ...

"You're still a mystery
But there's something so easy
In how you're sweet to me
I feel completed
Like it's something I needed
For this heart of mine

There's always something so tragic
About a hopeless romantic"

Still best friends, just working things out... I would carry you upstairs ;-) 
Tuesday, March 05, 2002
  Finally my ATI Radeo 8500 64MB video card is set up on DVI... ah.... life is good, life is good. With my Dell 1702 fp the graphics are amazing. My old Matrox g450 can be sold now cause it was sooooo bad. Also got my external HD all set up, good thing is I can take it with my ibook and use it for lots of mp3's etc. Bad is that the firewire does not like my computer for some reason. Oh well as long as its works I am fine with that.

Missed yesterday's entry cause I was tired, but I did make it to the gym. That was really great. Not much else going on, just the normal stuff. Had a great conversation with friends at dinner, we are all getting old and lonely up here in the Middle of Nowhere haha.... jk everyone is doing well. Also I bought tons of steel and steel related stocks. Thank God Bush imposed the import tariffs, in theory I hate them, but whatever... it makes me money now so its all good.

That is all for now. I will write more after CF etc. 
Monday, March 04, 2002
  Mass was cool. Not much going on there, just the normal deal... was cool though cause it was beautiful outside, but not for long. Skipped lunch to shave etc and then went to BiHall to work... gots lots done ;-) Well lets see now from around 2pm to 1:30 am is not too bad. I am back on track for another great semester.

Hopefully Tyler and I will get our haircuts tomorrow then off for more fun around Middlebury. Haha found out both he and I think the same girl is cute AND I found out she is Jewish. How perfect is that? haha I could not even tell at first ... dang those Jews just blend in so well. But Tyler I know you are one cause of the measurements and all haha.

Ok I have class at 10 so maybe I should sleep.

Good Night All. 
Saturday, March 02, 2002
  On friday the bad: car died, tired, stayed up late.
On friday the good: Andy helped me revive the car, got to eat lots of good food, stayed up late.

Today: Car is acting werid ... revs and shifting are a little off, oh well. Gotta go here and post these things.
Sent out some ebay packages and then went to grab food, saw a friend there and going to the play they are playing in tonight ;-) Then came 3 hours of LSAT studying in BiHall 409 ... my favorite room, too bad the koreans ended up there... man they are werid.

Plan for tonight: not much, town, dinner, hang out, musical, work work and the sleep. 
Friday, March 01, 2002
  morning again and i am not asleep yet. what is wrong with me? Interesting thing happened to me on the way to LSAT classes; I was walking towards my old Gifford Hall when I see David Joe. I was like "Yo, David ... Joe?" No response, instead he leans over and squats down.... i was like what the heck. Got closer and realized he was puking all over the place. Had to take him to the health center, hope he is ok now.

On a little side note, I had a long conversation with Renee today. Things are getting resolved I think... best friends right now is good cause it gives us time to work things out. Its a hard think to do, but I know that in the long run it will make our relationship much stronger. Hehe her parents said I could still go over though, so looks like they like me (YES! I finally have confimation haha)

Well nite nite all... until we next meet may God bless and protect you. 
Thursday, February 28, 2002
  Well I am tired today. I talked on IM way too mcuh last night. Good bye 
Wednesday, February 27, 2002
  Well believe it or not people actually read this diary. How do I know you ask cause Tyler's um... friend Meredith started her own blog. Just goes to show you that the Chinese and the Jews really do have lots in common. I mean lets see: Chinese like Chinese food, Jews like Chinese food. Chinese play mahjong, Jews play mahjong. Both like money and have werid holidays. I mean come-on people its like the Jews are just offspring of the Middle Kingdom.

I am sure I am going to get lots of comments this time so lets just keep on going today on this ethnic / racial theme... here we go:

List of asian peoples:

Chinese and Japanese ... the rest should be considered tributary states with no real significance unless they provide rice and/or electronics for mass consumption. hehe ;-) Koreans fall behind both, but just barely make it out of the crap list of rest of Asia cause they have Samsung and LG, but I mean Daewoo and Kia, come-on people ... those are not real cars.

Contrary to popular belief Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis etc etc and the rest of those sub-contenient people are not asian ... maybe sub asian, but not asian.

Let the flames begin, but wait you have no idea how to contact me so send all hate mail to royalmonarchy@hotmail so i can start ignoring them.  
  Ah... just woke up and no class until 2:35pm isnt life great? Only Modern Japanese Reading Seminar today so not too bad, but I have to think of a detailed paper topic so that sucks. Life is going well I think not much else to report expect that I suck at shaving, found this out yesterday while rushing to get ready for class... I cut myself so much I must have looked like a 12 year old. Oh well... no one really noticed hehe. 
Tuesday, February 26, 2002
  Status: pissed off. Why? Cause Young America totally screwed my HP $100 rebate, they claim they lost it then sent it then lost it again. What morons. Now I have to resubmit all my information to them. Oh well the pain I go through. All I ask is that these damn companies not scam the consumers and just obey the law on rebates. It cannot be that hard can it... and why do all those damn idoits who work there like to lie so much? Do they get paid more for it or something.... RANT OVER.

Today was beautiful, just like spring but its getting darker and colder as I type which means more winter and SKIING :-) YES YES YES.

  8:37 am. Modern China starts at 9:30am. going to breakfeast with Buster, but he is not awake yet. Nevermind he just decied to sleep in today.

I actually got to sleep around 2 am last night as you can tell from my last entry. Thats not too bad for me. 2am - 8am = 6 hours of sleep. Now I just have to get past all my class today. Should not be too bad. Ok I am off now. 
  The first day of the Royal Diary. What to say... what to say. It was a boring day as usual. Classes, paper I forgot to write, classes, Japanese stuff. Dinner. Bihall, workout.

Sleep now. end day 1 
The Daily Life of Oliver. Boring boring boring... with moments of excruciating pain, at least its long. (Keeping the Faith)

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