The Royal Diary
Saturday, March 02, 2002
  On friday the bad: car died, tired, stayed up late.
On friday the good: Andy helped me revive the car, got to eat lots of good food, stayed up late.

Today: Car is acting werid ... revs and shifting are a little off, oh well. Gotta go here and post these things.
Sent out some ebay packages and then went to grab food, saw a friend there and going to the play they are playing in tonight ;-) Then came 3 hours of LSAT studying in BiHall 409 ... my favorite room, too bad the koreans ended up there... man they are werid.

Plan for tonight: not much, town, dinner, hang out, musical, work work and the sleep. 
Friday, March 01, 2002
  morning again and i am not asleep yet. what is wrong with me? Interesting thing happened to me on the way to LSAT classes; I was walking towards my old Gifford Hall when I see David Joe. I was like "Yo, David ... Joe?" No response, instead he leans over and squats down.... i was like what the heck. Got closer and realized he was puking all over the place. Had to take him to the health center, hope he is ok now.

On a little side note, I had a long conversation with Renee today. Things are getting resolved I think... best friends right now is good cause it gives us time to work things out. Its a hard think to do, but I know that in the long run it will make our relationship much stronger. Hehe her parents said I could still go over though, so looks like they like me (YES! I finally have confimation haha)

Well nite nite all... until we next meet may God bless and protect you. 
Thursday, February 28, 2002
  Well I am tired today. I talked on IM way too mcuh last night. Good bye 
Wednesday, February 27, 2002
  Well believe it or not people actually read this diary. How do I know you ask cause Tyler's um... friend Meredith started her own blog. Just goes to show you that the Chinese and the Jews really do have lots in common. I mean lets see: Chinese like Chinese food, Jews like Chinese food. Chinese play mahjong, Jews play mahjong. Both like money and have werid holidays. I mean come-on people its like the Jews are just offspring of the Middle Kingdom.

I am sure I am going to get lots of comments this time so lets just keep on going today on this ethnic / racial theme... here we go:

List of asian peoples:

Chinese and Japanese ... the rest should be considered tributary states with no real significance unless they provide rice and/or electronics for mass consumption. hehe ;-) Koreans fall behind both, but just barely make it out of the crap list of rest of Asia cause they have Samsung and LG, but I mean Daewoo and Kia, come-on people ... those are not real cars.

Contrary to popular belief Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis etc etc and the rest of those sub-contenient people are not asian ... maybe sub asian, but not asian.

Let the flames begin, but wait you have no idea how to contact me so send all hate mail to royalmonarchy@hotmail so i can start ignoring them.  
  Ah... just woke up and no class until 2:35pm isnt life great? Only Modern Japanese Reading Seminar today so not too bad, but I have to think of a detailed paper topic so that sucks. Life is going well I think not much else to report expect that I suck at shaving, found this out yesterday while rushing to get ready for class... I cut myself so much I must have looked like a 12 year old. Oh well... no one really noticed hehe. 
Tuesday, February 26, 2002
  Status: pissed off. Why? Cause Young America totally screwed my HP $100 rebate, they claim they lost it then sent it then lost it again. What morons. Now I have to resubmit all my information to them. Oh well the pain I go through. All I ask is that these damn companies not scam the consumers and just obey the law on rebates. It cannot be that hard can it... and why do all those damn idoits who work there like to lie so much? Do they get paid more for it or something.... RANT OVER.

Today was beautiful, just like spring but its getting darker and colder as I type which means more winter and SKIING :-) YES YES YES.

  8:37 am. Modern China starts at 9:30am. going to breakfeast with Buster, but he is not awake yet. Nevermind he just decied to sleep in today.

I actually got to sleep around 2 am last night as you can tell from my last entry. Thats not too bad for me. 2am - 8am = 6 hours of sleep. Now I just have to get past all my class today. Should not be too bad. Ok I am off now. 
  The first day of the Royal Diary. What to say... what to say. It was a boring day as usual. Classes, paper I forgot to write, classes, Japanese stuff. Dinner. Bihall, workout.

Sleep now. end day 1 
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