The Royal Diary
Saturday, March 16, 2002
  Clouds deceived
my weary eye as eagles soar
heavens' god is not home
ruler measured by and by yet
bleu my spirit and pumpkin pie
Henceforth I vowed nevermore
Shall I ask ...

"and in the day of man; fire, hail, wind and death shall reign.
with no justice the weak will fail, the strong will suffer and heroes falter.
thus how can i ask of you to do my will. Cherubim placed, Eden forgotten ...
for there is life unfound, mercy
unknown. i ask you to follow &
yet i stray. sheep to a sheppard
i have lost. Keys to a palace
jingle in my back pocket yet
do not fit in the lock."

'This so
for i am
Yet found again I cry,
Lifted up in they i - for asking you have received
a place there without me.

dang the original formatted is too hard to preserve. oh well... have fun guys ;-)
  On this day of our Lord, March 15th 2002 I have the great honour of presenting you, my close friends, with this correspondence.

Our world is on the verge of change, peace reigns throughout most of the civilised world and yet ripples appear. The sea is no longer silent, the sky is slowly graying. I smell something like burning forests, ashes rising, no rain in sight. Violence rages in the savage lands. There and only there can the edge of the world come into sight. Do you dare to look over? Can you see what man fears? Can you see without eyes, hear without ears? It is already here; time slips away while we indulge in our ordinary lives. Here we are, on the edge of change ... a world at peace, a world at war, where did we come from? where do we go? - questions without answers, people without leaders... that is what the world is, but not what it will be. Let us tour the world now... to the edge, do you dare go?

Leaving the vicinity of our isolated mountains valleys look out onto the plains. I see a world reborn every year. Old life brings unto itself new beginnings. New beginnings remake the world ... but do not let your eyes fool you. This is not reality, it is perfection, man's Eden found, God's creation retold through tools created by man's hand. In Genesis man was driven from Eden, cursed to till upon the earth without reward. Far removed from God man's religion cannot be true. Cannot be true, cannot be true, cannot be true. Or can it? It seems so right, so perfect. We can reshape creation, mold people into our own images... who needs God when man can create life. - Shift. G-D is above, he is high and hidden because we cannot see and thus we fear. - Shift. Untrue. Told and sold like truth, but utterly untrue.

Why can't the world be how it was. I never lived there, but let me return. Womb. Return. Cold - warm - Hot.  
Thursday, March 14, 2002
  Nevermind. My counter now works. Yah! now I can also tell kinda who is looking. So far not too many people look at what I do but oh well.

Tuesday, March 12, 2002
  Dang it. I have no idea how to add a counter to my blog. If you have any ideas please let me know. I want to see how many people actually care about me life.

Sunday, March 10, 2002
  Man why do I stay up so late?!?!?!? Interesting day I had... let me tell you all about it. Woke up around 8:30 to do LSAT practice in Starr this morning so that sucked. Then Andy calls and tells me he can take me to get my car back from service (Audrey lives!) While up in Burlington we went to the mall and just looked around (it was a nice day so there were some "hot" girls there according to Andy). Then stopped by PriceChopper to get boxed Sushi. It was ok for the price. Got back to Midd and did a bit of work ... well no I really justed played Empire Earth for a bit. Went to dinner with Tyler and Co. Then off to take a nap. After nap was BiHall time, ended up getting some work done then watched the Azns play FFX for a bit then some people showed up and we ended up watching a cute korean movie until 3am.

So overall... a A- day, it was beautiful out ;-) Middlebury has the most good looking people you will ever see! hehe j/k 
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