The Royal Diary
Saturday, March 30, 2002

Elizabeth. the Queen Mother 1900-2002. You will be missed.  
Tuesday, March 26, 2002
  watched a french movie today with renee, think it was called amilie. not bad not bad at all.... i suggest you watch it if you like foreign independent films etc. went to kato-san sushi for dinner with my mom and my aunt and renee. too bad the service sucked because it was run by koreans who did not care about service at all. oh well they still have a lot to learn if they want to get return customers. the food was not too bad, but cannot compare with sushiya or sushi tei...

no plans for tomorrow, was going to go to san fran, but most likely not cause i am going to watch a badmington game (spelling?) and nothing other than that.

good night 
Monday, March 25, 2002
  Let see what is happening today .... NOTHING, absolutely nothing. Another long and boring day. I did get to go shopping with my mom yesterday. It was nothing great, but kinda fun to catch up with how the family is doing in China and all. Went around Valley Fair (huge Westfeild Mall in San Jose) and man there were lots of people there; stupid low class darkies. Also lots of HS kids running around and seems that everyone is a bit more dressed up, but I must ask why? To impress themselves I guess, only in Cali will you see 12-16 year olds running around in $1000 clothes and BMW's etc.

News... went to Fry's tonight, but dang it they were closed. That sucked was going to get myself a nice little Palm to try out for a bit (30 day return policy ;-) ) Its all good you know. On other technology news I just finished reformatting my pastor's computer with a Chinese verison of Windows XP. Hard to do but oh well... and haha the church techies were trying to push him to use NTFS etc because is better ;-) I was like sure it is... but not for him. At least now everything is working on that laptop, I also got him the good deal on the laptop. The compaq is pretty good, 1ghz AMD 4 with 256 ram, dvd rom / cdrw combo etc.

enough with that.

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